Tudor and Elizabethan

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4 Views in 3 sizes M, L & XL.

Men’s Elizabethan High Crown Hat Pattern

In 4 sizes S, M, L & XL.

Men’s Elizabethan Arched Brim Hat Pattern


One size.

Elizabethan Attifet Pattern

3 Views one size.

Elizabethan French Hood Pattern

In 3 sizes S, M & L.

Women’s & Young Ladies’ Elizabethan Italian Bonnet Pattern

One size 4 Views.

Elizabethan Brimless Hat Pattern

In 3 sizes S, M & L.

Women’s Elizabethan Arched Brim Hat Pattern

In 2 sizes S & XS with a biggies pattern included

Women’s and Children’s Elizabethan High Crowned Hat Pattern

One size 3 Views.

Late Tudor/ Early Elizabethan French Hood Pattern

2 Views in 4 sizes S-XL

Men’s Italian Bonnet Pattern

4 Views in 4 sizes S-XL.

Tudor or Elizabethan Flat Cap or Henry Hat in Men’s and Women’s Styles

in 6 sizes.

Single Seam Coif Pattern

In 6 sizes XS-XXL

Arming Hood and Double Seam Cap Pattern

In 4 sizes

Women’s Elizabethan Cap or Biggin

one size

Women’s Elizabethan Blackwork Caul

One size The collar of this silk organza Partlet has three ties which mean that it can be worn open or tight to the neck. And when un-gathered it can be flatten for ironing.

Partlet Pattern

This Escoffion or Caul is made by weaving gold mesh wired ribbon. It can be worn with most any Elizabethan Hat. It is pictured with a Tall Hat and a German Style Hat. It would also look good with an Italian Bonnet or and Elizabethan style Flat Cap. There are two pages of written step by step instructions with drawings and photos.

Cloth of Gold Escoffion

This pattern includes two slightly different body patterns one flatter chested (Elizabeth) one fuller chested (highlander).

26inch Doll Body Pattern

The pattern for the highlander colthes for my 26″ fashion doll and includes full size patterns and instructions for; Léine, Arisaid, Kirtle, Skirts, Leather Vest and Irish slippers.

Highlander Doll Clothes

This pattern can be used to make a mesh caul that can be worn by itself or under most Elizabethan Hats such as, Elizabethan Flat Cap, Tall Hat, Arched Brim Hat, Italian Bonnet and French Hoods.

Elizabethan Gold Mesh Caul

3 Views in 7 sizes.

Elizabethan Spiral Sleeve

This pattern in the Landsknechte style is sutable for men or women and is made from shaped 100% wool felt. It has silk puffs comming out of slits all along the edge of the hat and a circle of puffs that go between the top and the under side. The women’s version has a knoted loose strap. The pattern also has the instructions for the womens “Cloth of Gold” escoffion. If you are having trouble finding good quality wool e-mail me, I have some for sale, cut into pieces just large enough for this hat no waste.

Men’s and Women’s German Hat


Gold Mesh Cauls, Caps and an Italian Reta all made with a double “X” knot using 2 mm Gold Metallic Cording.

Double “X” Knot Caul, Cap & Reta Pattern

Make sure to add the number of yards you need in the correct field in the cart before you complete your order.

one yard of 3mm Gold Cord of Mesh Cauls