As a maker of patterns I need from time to time to arrange a photoshoot to get cover photos. With help from wonderful models I have gotten many more pictures than I need but want all of the best to be seen so, they are posted here. Most pictures I have taken myself but here again I have had help primarily from Gail Nichols and Tavan Photography.

2014: With the help of models Laurie Tavan, Katherine & Alex Adrian as well as Katherine who made both her own and her daughter’s gowns, Deborah Borlace and Ann Tavan who made Laurie’s; all I had to supply were the hats and a couple other accessories and the location did the rest. The location was the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. All the work was for my New Regency patterns as well as an expanded re-do of my soft-crown Regency Bonnet pattern.

2013: I needed some pictures for two Regency patterns so, what better to do on an December day take advantage of a wonderful place to take pictures. With the help of Amy Liebert (model and costume maker) and Laurie Tavan (model) I took some great pictures.

2013: Gail Nichols took most of the pictures when Lisa Bradford, Laurie Tavan, Katherine Adrian and Kimberly Wright modeled for me at the Old Whaling Station Adobe Monterey, CA.

2014: For the 150th Anniversary of the State Pars Service the CBACG brought a fashion show the Asilomar CA. I made three hats for three models. A 1930s straw hat, an 1910s small hat and an Edwardian wire frame hat with willow plume. Most but not all of the photos i took.

Claudine modeled several turbans and a hat for me in 2015.

2012: Lyze Lynch organized a photoshoot for my late teens early 20s hat in Tennessee.

2009: Claudine modeled a Bustle Era hat for my pattern.

Anna models a Bronzino inspired Ren. costume.

Claudine models several late victorian small bonnet.

Feather models several Bustle Era hats I made for her wardrobe.

Ann Mortan models a Romantic Era hairstyle.

Alex Adrian models some 1920s hats for a possible hat pattern and my turban and cloche patterns.