I am a Graphic Artist/Scientific Illustrator for Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in California but I also sew. I have sewn almost all my life but the output of my sewing efforts has changed over the years. At first I used my sewing for everyday clothes, home decor and crafts. Then for some years I made porcelain dolls in period clothes and marketed the patterns for these clothes. For the next few years I made educational puppets and costumes for such places as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Reyes National Sea Shore and Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens.

I renewed my interest in period costumes and started making Renaissance costumes for humans. While I love clothing from any period or class my favorite is Elizabethan Court dress because it is difficult to over embellish. I do gravitate to embroidery, elaborate trims and jewels. I am perhaps best known for one chemise with 13,000 pearls couched with golden thread onto the sleeves, yolk and collar.


That was when I first started a website in about 2000 now 2017 a new site is overdue. I’m now best known for my 60 plus patterns, articles, fans, fan kits and teaching workshop classes. There is nothing better than the feeling that you have helped someone pick up a new skill.

To contact Lynn, please send inquiries to: lynn@nulloutofaportrait.com