La Belle Epoque, Edwardian and Teens

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5 Sizes

Universal Oval Brimmed Hat, Edwardian Boater & Titanic Hat 

5 Sizes and 3 Views, it can be used to make several Restoration period hats (1600’s) as well as many from the 17 and 1800’s and of course, Edwardian Titanic hats and Tricorne no matter the period.

Universal Round Brimmed Hat


La Belle Epoque Hat, 1885-1905

5 Sizes

Victorian Riding, Top or Stovepipe Hat

This Pattern has instructions for two Paul Poiret inspired 1910s single wrap turbans and two 1920s “Oriental” look multiple wrap turbans.

Early 20th C Turban

5 Views, 3 of the views can be make up as either small hats or toques (brimless hats).

Late Edwardian Early Teens small hat and toque

This pattern has instructions for three slightly different versions of the hat. View A is most like the period hat and has pieced lace, View B has a circle of lace and View C is a simplified version of the hat with lace fabric.

Late Teens / Early 20s Lace Brim Hat

3 sizes. This a simple but very period hat that can also work for as a modern winter hat.

1920s Collapsible Hat

Four Different shaped hats with instructions for either fabric covered buckram or wireframe or a combination.

Post WWI, Late Teens / Early 20s Hat

1920s Lace Cloche

This pattern has the instructions for making a 1920s style cloche from one inch wide cotton bobbin lace over a head block, the instructions for making a head block for your head size is on this page.

1920s Lace Cloche