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This pattern has the instructions and a pattern for 3 different caps. Each cap style has options and can be made from lace or fabric.

18th C Day Cap

An 18th Century Men’s Waistcoat taken off an extant garment in the collection of the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley CA. The pattern will comes with sizes S, M, L & XL and two slightly different views and has full size embroidery motifs to transfer to your pattern.

18th C Men’s Waistcoat

1600-Early 1800s Tall Hat Pattern. Two styles one with an arched brim (shown on the female head) and one with a non-arched brim (shown on the male head) that has a taller crown. This hat is somewhat similar to the Elizabethan style but slopes symmetrically front to back and the crown tip is larger. It is a good option to the Tricorne for this time period. The men’s tall hat comes into fashion as the tricorne is going out of fashion for non military men. It stays in fashion into the Early 1800s in felt as well as straw.

18th C Men’s or Women’s Tall Hat